Task: provide cardio specialist with information on new pricing of Sortis RX and Norvasc RX; Client: Pfizer
Target: 1300 doctors – cardiologists; GPs with cardio patients (Pfizer targetted doctors)
Result: 870 effectively contacted by PDG Call Center within 2 weeks (multicontacts).

Task: distribution building for new SKU – market introduction – Strepsils Honey-Lemon flavor (Sore Throat); Client: Reckitt Benckiser
Target: 7400 Reckitt Benckiser non-target pharmacies (B and C categories). 
Result: effective distribution to 3004 (41%) within 3 weeks; 15 825 pcs sold

Task: increase sales reach and maximise sales volume of Protefix range (Oral Care); Client: Quisser 
Target: 9 500 Quisser non-target pharmacies 
Result: new distribution to 3247 pharmacies; incremental sales of 100 000 pcs from 01.2011 to 06.2011

Task: drive incremental sales for Diosminex x60 (Venous Insufficiency); Client: Lekam 
Target: 600 Lekam non-target pharmacies 
Result: 6000 pcs by month (total 54 000 pcs from 01.2011 to 09.2011)

For now we prepared ND project in January 2012 to build greater distribution of Calcium Sandoz Forte before TV campaign.

The target was to increase the sales of Bittner food supplement products – effect: we surpassed the required results by our customer by 102%.

The target: sell Alli x 84 in promotion package 2 + 1 free products to pharmacy where FF doesnt visit – the effect after 10 days: we sold 530 units full price and 265 units (natural rebate) to 197 pharmacies which gives 22% sales effectivness  (22k usd ex distributor price).

Product launch of Iberogast for Amis Medica – effect: we introduced and sold the product to 4 500 pharmacies in 22 days. Our work turned out to be a key factor in the success of this product on the market.

Build Numerical Distrubution of Geriavit Pharmaton OTC (30) for Boehringer Ingelheim – effect: increase of ND by 15% 
in 1 month amongst a population of 14k pharmacies, pharmacy stock increase by 20% as well sellout increase of 50% within 1 month.